We are proud to be the biggest purely Greek company providing cleaning services with respect to the humans and the environment, by adding value to our clients.


Cleaning services management and maid services in hotel units is a complex process. ECOLOGICAL S.A. faces the quest of hotel businesses as a challenge for optimum level of cleaning at a competitive cost.

By offering cleaning services in spaces and vehicles utilized by more than 250.000.000 users every year ECOLOGICAL S.A. has become synonymous with quality services in the field.

Having offered services to more than 7,000,000 hospital beds throughout the 15 years of our activities in the industry, ECOLOGICAL S.A. has become synonymous with human-oriented quality services.

A clean working environment reinforces productivity. Our company considers the cleaning of professional spaces, whether they are banks or offices, as an important parameter to their chain value.

ECOLOGICAL S.A. is one of the largest contractors for cleaning ports and has now expanded in cleaning all boats (recreational or passenger), irrespective of size.

Malls and Recreational areas are the main focus point of a consumer’s experience. Due to the volume of users the preservation of cleanliness is a challenge.

By offering cleaning services in university spaces, ECOLOGICAL S.A has successfully responded to the demands created in big areas and complex spaces.

Having strong specialization and know-how on cleaning services, ECOLOGICAL S.A. offers its experience, by providing cleaning services on emergency facilities.

Our efforts always focus on fulfilling the needs, desires and preferences of the company’s customers, at a minimum cost.

We responded successfully to big challenges


Athens’ SUBWAY demonstrates special management challenges, which ECOLOGICAL S.A has managed to incorporate into its methodology of services, resulting in obtaining the constant maintenance of an excellent level of cleanliness.


The Organization of the Piraeus Port (OLP S.A.) is currently employing more than 1,400 employees, serves more than 24,000 ships per year and is one of the most important growth factors of the local and national economy, continuously upgrading its infrastructure and services

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