ECOLOGICAL S.A. considers the cleaning of professional spaces, whether they are banks or offices, as an important parameter to their chain value.

A clean working environment reinforces productivity, reassures employees’ health and improves their morale and efficiency.

For this reason, we offer high-quality services and we maintain the highest level of cleanliness, by providing numerous solutions, according to the complexity of the space and the needs of each customer.

As a consequence, with ECOLOGICAL S.A. cleaning can be carried out at any time of the day or night and fully adjust to the operational needs of the client, resulting in obtaining the optimum outcome without disturbing the business’ productivity.

In particular, as for Banks, our company acknowledges the special demands and realizes the sensitive character of bank facilities. For this reason, flexible solutions are offered combining efficiently and effectiveness of cleaning services with the discretion required. Our personnel has the required experience, while handling an extensive network of premises all over the State, is our company’s competitive advantage. With a presence all over the country, even in our islands, ECOLOGICAL S.A. owns the required network of human resources, as well as the necessary know-how for project management that allows it to best exploit its network. Hence, significant economies of scale are obtained for the customer, maintaining the highest possible level of cleanliness at the same time.

As for businesses and offices, our company’s services include:

Cleaning services and indoor building spaces’ handling, where offices and businesses are located, such as cleaning offices and supporting areas (reception etc), cleaning data centers of businesses, dealing with additional needs of maintenance of building facilities, waste collection.

Cleaning services of outdoor areas, as well as building surrounding areas, including cleaning of parking areas, fountains, external glass’ cleaning, removal of waste

Besides the data mentioned above, ECOLOGICAL S.A. can offer its overall activities of specialized services, including carpet cleaning, glass cleaning, crystallization of floors, pest control and decontamination.

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